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Massage Therapy FAQ

Having a massage really is a wonderful way to relax and one of life’s healthy ways to treat yourself. I am aware that for some people out there you still have burning questions about massage and what it entails. I hope to de-mystify and answer all them questions, instead of you being put off by what you ‘think’ goes on in a massage therapy session.

This is my first time having a massage. What should I expect from it?

I am delighted that you have chosen my service, so I will do my utmost to put you at ease. Generally during a body massage, I can massage the upper chest and neck,arms and hands,abdomen,legs and feet and also the back. I can also do the glutes if you wish, also

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the massage?

One of the most important things for you to do is just to relax. The more you relax, the more you will enjoy the massage and better the benefits of actually having a massage. Obviously if you have been rolling around in mud, then it is adviseable to have a wash prior to the treatment, but otherwise just your regular hygiene routine is perfectly acceptable.Should you wish to opt for the mobile service, then please do make sure that there is enough room downstairs for me to set up my bed. My room does tend to fit in most rooms, its just on the odd occasion that tables may need to be moved etc.

What if I don’t want particular parts of my body massaged? My feet are very ticklish.

Okay so you have booked in for a massage and that is great. Before we start the massage itself, I usually ask new customers if there is any part of the body that they feel uncomfortable having massaged. Massage is meant to be a relaxing experience for you so if you do not want your feet doing, I wont go near them. I always tell my clients, that during the massage if there is something that they dislike or even better yet, enjoy having done during the massage, please do tell me. This way you stand more of a chance of getting the best massage for you.

What if I fall asleep during the massage?

Having a massage is very relaxing and a great way to relieve the stresses of the day. If you do fall asleep, I will not think any less of you. In fact I will be pretty pleased that you feel relaxed enough to fall asleep and it also means I am doing my job correctly!

This is embarrassing, but I am worried about body noises if I relax to much.

Everybody makes body noises.Its all part of being human. As I have said before, I will choose to ignore any sounds made as I don’t want to embarrass you

How much clothing stays on or off during a massage?

During the massage, I use towels and only the body part being massaged is exposed at any one time. It is completely up to you, if you choose to wear underwear or not. What ever is the most comfortable for you. Ladies, you can also leave your Bra on, but please put the straps dangling between your arms, so when I come to massage your back, I can just undo where you clip the bra together!

Will I have to make polite conversation during a massage?

That is completely up to you. If you like to talk during the massage, that’s fine but if you just want to relax, that is also fine too. I tend to leave the ball in your court as to whether you would like to chat or not. What ever makes you feel the most at ease.

I am a male and would love a massage,but I am concerned that things may happen, that I find hard to control during the massage.

As I said I do my utmost to put every single client who walks through my door, at ease. If you do find things hard to control, I will not draw attention to anything as I don’t like to embarrass people or make them feel bad. I like my clients to receive superior customer service, so you will feel comfortable to use my service again

Will there any side effects after the treatment?

After the massage you may feel a bit sleepy. This can be positive if you have trouble sleeping. ?You can opt for the mobile service in the evening and then go to bed after the massage. It is advised to drink water throughout the day after the massage, as it aids the detoxification process. Some people also find they need the loo a little bit more then usual also. Another side effect which is great is the easing of aches and pains in problem areas such as the shoulders and lower back.