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Book Review:How to improve your self-esteem

Not only will I be doing blogs on Health issues for you to read, but also advising you on books that I have read.Recently one which I found helpful was based on our self esteem and is called:

How to Improve your Self-Esteem: Take control of your life and realise your full potential. By Elaine Sheehan.

This book was published in 2002 and I bought my copy on Amazon. Here Elaine explains in a simple and understandable language why we suffer from low self esteem. It is an ongoing problem for most of us at some point in our lives and life will throw challenges our way, each and everyday which has the ability to rock our self esteem right down to its bare knuckles. This is why this book is such a gem to find, as aside from explaining why we suffer with self esteem issues, the book also comes up with self help strategies to help you overcome your hardest critic (which in some cases is yourself!)

One exercise in here that Elaine Sheehan mentions is to become aware of what you are thinking and should any negative thoughts enter your head, to visualize a ‘stop sign’. Other self help strategies include keeping a diary of sorts, so for example you would note down situations where you were angry in the past, how you used to respond to that anger and come up with new, more rational ways to deal with that anger, should a similar situation occur in the future.

She covers topics such as handling criticism and dealing with anger. This book won’t take long to read, but is worthwhile to read as all the topics really do resonate and help you cope with life. Here is the link to take a look at the book.

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