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A Massage Therapists Eight Commandments

Hello People. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog. I know I probably do tend to go on about how hard it is running a massage business in every other sentence that I write, but it truly is. This is why I have come up with my eight commandments that each and every person who crosses my door, will receive when they come for a massage at Luxuries by Lisa.

The Eight Commandments of this Massage Therapist.

  1. Thou shall never use baby oil on my clients, unless they request it. It has a very poor glide and needs to be constantly reapplied throughout the massage, therefor interrupting the therapy itself. the oils I use are a hundred percent pure and do not contain chemicals that cannot be pronounced. If you can’t say it, do not use it.
  2. The holy grail for a brilliant massage is a warm room. A warm room equals warm people, which then equals people who will not involuntarily tense their muscles and therefore spoil the treatment. As an added bonus I always keep my electric blanket on underneath my table. It makes me smile when people wonder why my massage table feels so warm.
  3. Thou Shall make sure that every person doesn’t have their treatment cut short. You book an hour and you will get an hour. You book 90 minutes and I will make sure you get 90 minutes. You get the picture??
  4. Come to Luxuries by Lisa and I will treat you like a convenience from the moment you cross the threshold.Please know that I am grateful that you have chosen my massage service and want to spend your hard earned pennies chilling out in my domain.
  5. It goes without saying, Clean Laundry. Need i say anymore then that?
  6. To fuss the living daylights out of you. If you seem a bit snuffly, I will be asking you if you need a tissue. If I see goose pimples on your skin, I will be asking if your warm enough. If your stomach rumbles I have been known to see if you want to nibble on a biscuit. If the fussing gets to much, simply tell me to be quiet, or I will fuss and fuss and fuss over you.
  7. Ask about any aches and pains that are giving you grief. I will do my utmost to help relieve any niggles in your back, legs or shoulders etc. I have nearly four years experience in this field and have a good idea on doing remedial work. In fact, I know it sounds cheesy, but I do love doing remedial massages and getting results. If you do a job, you might as well, do it well.
  8. Sometimes when people come for a massage therapy, they don’t just come for the massage, but for some therapy. The world we live in, is a hell of a stressful world and life can be tough, but any problems you tell me, will stay in the room, and everything will be kept confidential. Sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved.

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